WIZ Health insurance

Not mandatory, but necessary!

With complementary health insurance you can avoid the copayments and other charges of Slovenian public health services that are not fully covered otherwise.

At WIZ, you can get your complementary health insurance:

  • Hassle free. Follow this link and buy your insurance policy online in 5 easy steps from the comfort of your home. 
  •  With added benefits. We offer a wide array of gifts including discount on our WIZ car insurance policy worth €50 . Check them out.


Why you must choose WIZ Health insurance

Great gifts await...

If you choose to arrange your complementary health insurance policy at WIZ, we reward your fidelity with great gifts, ranging from a 50 € discount on our WIZ car insurance policy, 30 € deposit to your bank account and other benefits.

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Customer support

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Do not hesitate to contact our great support team who will be more than glad to give any assistance you require in English. Our team is readily available on our live chat, telephone number and e-mail.

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Payment options

We support a wide range of payment options for your WIZ policy, including credit cards MasterCard, Visa and e-banking options Abanet and NLB Klik.